Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence: Operations Management

Experiment with improving throughput using different batching strategies.
Test different strategies for influencing demand variability.
Investigate capacity, demand rates, cycle time, and throughput in a service operation.

Balancing Process Capacity

Measure the optimal performance of a process.
Understand the relationships between throughput time, cycle time, throughput rate, and capacity utilization.
Understand Little’s Law (balance of capacity utilization and management of bottlenecks).
Explore how variability affects key process measures and profitability.

Push vs. Pull Production

Develop intuition about production flow in a multi-stage process.
Compare and contrast Push, Pull, and mixed systems of production planning.
Understand the relationship between batch size and setup times.
Understand how bottlenecks, capacity, and utilization impact production planning and inventory control.

Quality Analytics & Cost of Quality

Review essential calculations in statistical process control.
Understand the difference between a process that is in control and a process that is capable.
Understand the relationship between Internal Failure Costs, External Failure Costs, Appraisal Costs, Prevention Costs, and the total cost of quality.
Explore how managerial decisions about quality control affect product yields and costs.

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